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Zenair aircraft kits is represented in the UK by Metal Seagulls Ltd, a family business based in South West Wales, just off the end of the M4 into the most amazing countryside to visit and fly over…

We offer a range of high- and low-wing all metal aircraft, designed by Chris Heintz, which are provided in kits to suit a range a of engines. Zenair aircraft kits are amongst the easiest to build and maintain aircraft you will come across, with excellent documentation and support.  

For the CH750 range (STOL or CRUZER) you can choose to build your aircraft (or part thereof) under our builder-assist programmes (Fuselage, Wings, tail feathers/roll controls and finishing and rigging) are all available as one week sessions in our workshops – where our team have pre-prepared your work, laid out the tools and are ready to assist YOU build your plane.  

Those who wish to drive or fly-in to visit us, please call first to make sure we are available.  Workshops visit are welcome, by appointment.

We look forward to seeing you fly on your own wings!

Best regards, blue skies and tail winds,

Professor Patricia Mawuli Porter OBE