So you want to build your own plane?

How wonderful! Building planes is exciting and exhilarating…

When you build your plane from a Zenair kit through Metal Seagulls you can be assured of help and support from the selection process through to the many years of happy flying that will be coming your way!

Whichever aircraft you are building, the principles are the same, read the drawing, look at the build manual, and take your time.  There are a few basic skills to master – and most can be gained on the 2-day rudder building workshop we include in the kit purchase.  We will soon be offering ‘stand alone Rudder courses’ too!

Drilling: Learning which drill to use, where to use it, how to hold and how to work to make sure that you have a round hole!

Cleco work: Clecos are like temporary rivets that are used to hold your work together as you develop your part.  They are removed for preparation and then re-inserted before riveting.

Deburring: There are different tools for different burrs.  Some can be done with a dull drill bit, others need a file or scotchbrite (not the kitchen variety).

Degreasing: it is important to clear grease and other contaminants away from mating surfaces before riveting to reduce corrossion and for a better fit in some cases.

Corrossion prevention treatments: There are different methods used, depending on application and location.  If you are building a plane that will be on floats in the sea, then full internal treatment is advised… but if you live in Arizona the bigger risk is that of a melted pilot! Most folks treat at least the mating surfaces with a range of different products.

Reassembly and checking: This is really important!

Riveting: How to pull a rivet, check a rivet and remove one that went wrong (we all get it wrong sometimes!)

Final inspection: Pat yourself on the back and find a place for your favourite beverage and biscuit (cookie for those from the other side of the pond!).

To find out more, give us a call or drop us an email – we look forward to sharing your journey with you!